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Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Sun Fashion Designs, Inc. - Fashion jewelry, Wholesale jewelry, jewelry, Joyas, jewellry, gold plated, fashion jewelry, gold filled, silver, dropship, free shipping Plated Jewelry, Bonded Jewelry, Gold Filled, Gold Plated, Silver Filled, Silver Plated, Costume, Fashion, 14k, 12k, 24k, Cuffs, Bracelets, Necklaces, Necklace, Ring, Rings, Rhodium, Chain by the Inch, Ring Stamping, Name Rings, Keepsake Rings,
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Services Overview
  • FREE Dropship Services--Always as long as you place the orders on our site directly yourself.
  • NO minimum orders ever.
  • Reward discounts per order based on number of items purchased (cannot be combined with other discounts), except for liquidation items and items clearly marked as not discountable such as special offers from manufactured that are offered at a huge discount already.
  • We ship anywhere that is legal to ship to, including P.O. Boxes and APO if we can ship via USPS for you.  Certain countries we cannot ship do due to insurance not covering those countries but we will still ship it for you if you take full responsibility if items are lost. We are not responsible for custom rules and you must check with the custom services of the country receiving the package to see if jewelry can be imported into your country. We are not responsible for jewelry that is confiscated by your customs service for any reason. By ordering into the country you are sending the package to, you assert that you are aware of that country's customs rules.
  • We include ONE FREE jewelry box when shipping to your customers which is not free to us and therefore is limited to one box per order as applicable, so your customer is impressed with your services. We provide ONE jewelry box per shipment even if there are multiple items we fit them inside the box. For larger shipments we send in plastic bags and yellow padded envelops or other protective packaging. The jewelry box is offered mostly for presentation to a typical 1 to 3 item retail customer, they are not for bulk purchases and we do provide boxes for sales for that very reason!
  • We currently include FREE shipping insurance up to $100 for all your packages sent by courier such as UPS and FedEx but not for USPS shipping. If you do not buy the additional shipping insurance for USPS shipments then you will take the risk of the package getting lost or damaged as all shipments are FOB Miami, Florida, USA. Similarly, on orders over $100 with any shipping provider, if they are not additionally insured for the amount over $100 we will only be responsible for the first $100 of cost.
  • FREE customer service support.  We support you via email by providing address verification and working with you on fixing order errors and customer problems related to shipping.
  • Your purchase of our products is FOB Miami, Florida, USA. We do dropship your products for you as a courtesy. To make it easier for you when selling the product we have a flat shipping rate you can use to calculate shipping.  This rate applies to packages of one pound or less only, larger packages have shipping cost based on Fedex or other courier's fee plus a small handling fee. All partial orders will be charged the same cost for shipping as the original order whether you are told at the time of authorization or not that it will cost to ship the partial order.   This service will not be insured and if package is lost you will assume all responsibility for the loss unless you pay for additional insurance. We also offer FedEx shipment which is fully insured and fully trackable and prefer this method of shipment. Please note with FedEx shipment the customer will almost always be charged import and custom charges. You or your customer will need to be responsible for these import and custom fees. Most drop shipped products do not even approach one pound so for most of you the flat shipping rate applies!

We are your shipment department and as such we handle all aspects of shipping including returns, address corrections as needed, re-shipping items, etc.  If you think of us as this you will understand the great services we provide.  We take special care to avoid your customer ever finding out about us and to make you look good.  Many ask why our shipping charges are "so high" because they do not consider the extraordinary cost of shipping including but not limited to: paying for shipping professionals, cost of the various shipping materials, cost of the jewelry box we include for you free of charge, cost of the time it takes to correct wrong addresses given to us by you or often given to you by your customers, costs of handling returns due to bad addresses and re-shipping (we may charge you a reduced reshipping cost but it costs us as much as shipping it in the first please), cost of email back and forth or talking on the phone toll free to you about order problems, etc.  Of course there is also the actual cost of the shipping which is quite high because we ship priority mail.  Since partial orders costs us the same to ship as the original orders we charge the same amount to ship an order you authorized to be shipped as a partial as we do for the total order. When you authorize a partial order you are in essense authorizing the cost of shipping the partial at a later day and since we do not accept returns, you are also giving permission for us to ship it. All partial orders will be charged the same cost for shipping as the original order whether you are told at the time of authorization or not that it will cost to ship the partial order. Our flat fees are quite reasonable when you consider all of this and you can inform your customers of this when they complain!  Our services are unequalled and we take care that your image is preserved in a good light with your customers by being a silent partner in your business and doing everything possible to keep your customers satisfied.  As a supplier we take extra care to never discontinue a product without at least 14 days notice if at all possible, take care of announcing discontinued products so you are aware of it, take care of carrying a very stable product line that is manufactured specifically for us and can be made in any quantity.  Unlike other drop shippers we go the extra mile to protect your interests and we treat all of you, small or large buyers, with the same level of respect and attention that you deserve!

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This page has all terms for wholesale customers only. Please read it in detail. By becoming and remaining a wholesale customer you agree to receive our newsletter and other communications by email and agree to review them carefully as they contain valuable information about our services and products. You also acert agreement with ALL our terms and conditions.

The jewelry in this wholesale area is already marked at wholesale prices. Our regular wholesale price is the standard price in the wholesale area of the site. Per the tier chart in the item details, these prices are automatically discounted as you purchase more and more merchandise and the more you buy the more you save. Regular American jewelry will usually take between 7-25 days to be shipped and all other jewelry is shipped as stated in each item. It is crucially important that you read all items information when making a purchase because all disclaimers and notices will be posted on each item including if the item is being discontinued soon. We ship to anywhere in the world, not otherwise excluded here, that it is legal to ship and those shipping charges will be calculated at the time of the purchase and will be given to you prior to you being charged for your approval. We are not responsible for custom rules of other countries and if a package is confiscated you take the full responsibility for the loss because it is up to you to check the import rules on that country. Special shipping rates will be announce for special items at the individual item view and even though the cart may not show the total with these special shipping prices you understand and agree that the additional shipping charges will be added to your final total when the order is processed. All merchandise is FOB Miami, Florida, USA. We are sorry but international orders must be paid with Paypal, PayCash, wire transfers, international money orders, or money orders using Western Union or some other money order company in the USA. We do not accept credit card on International order (other than Canadian orders). We reserve the right to refuse to charge of total purchase amount greater than $500 and for these orders a secure Paypal account, Money Order, Wire Transfer or any other secure form of payment must be used.

If an items on our site states it is in limited supply or will be discontinued soon, it is not approved for aution resale. If you purchase any items that are not approved for auction resale you do so at the risk of not being able to obtain the item or having delays in delivery. If an item states it is not for auction and/or that it will be discontinued when all items are sold they are not approved for auctions and may only be used for sales where the sale can be cancelled in the event the item is sold out. NO EXCEPTIONS. Sites that mirror our site should check frequently (at least once every 2 weeks) with our site to check if item status has changed. We will do all we can to procure the item for you and deliver it in time but we cannot guarantee those items for timely delivery nor for availability. Although there are very few items with minimum purchase requirements, they do exist, please examine the minimum purchase requirements of an item before you start selling it unless you are willing to purchase the minimum quantity. These items are clearly marked as minimum purchase items in the search and in our spreadsheet and live item spreadsheets. Although our inventory is quite stable overall, from time to time we are forced to discontinue certain items and we are constantly adding new items; it is your responsibility to check for discontinued items and new items on a frequent basis and we provide a place to see these items just for your information under the Sales Tools link.

For significantly higher purchases please contact us for a quote.

We have no minimum orders

If you place an order of any size even an 80¢ order and have a website selling our products or opt to drop ship it or give us the auction ID for the item you are ordering you will not have any minimum purchases for the first order. Minimum purchases for these special situations are a thing of the past! Although we do not have a minimum order we may refuse to sell our products are wholesale prices if we cannot ascertain that you are a true merchant and not a consumer trying to buy at wholesale prices. But particularly if you are drop shipping your order you will no longer have any minimums for the first order. There was never and will never be any minimum for subsequent orders so everything remains the same in subsequent orders and you can order any quantity as you now can do for your first order! If you do not qualify as explained above we have an initial minimum order of $150 USD. After the initial minimum order there is no further minimums and you can purchase any amount from 80 cents to as much as you like. Of course the more you purchase the more you save per our discount rates above!

FREE Drop Shipping Information

When you purchase from you can drop ship ALL or just SOME of your purchases using our automated JSDropShipTM program which is not a software but is incorporated into our shopping cart to assist you in making your own branded invoices. The drop shipping service is FREE and does not include S&H, which is additional. You must always pay for S&H on any order sent to you or drop shipped. Our automated system allows you to create an invoice with your own logo and contact information as well as your own prices and customer information. It completely brands you! When using it you can choose which items you wish to drop ship and which items you want us to send directly to you. Any items you do not choose to drop ship will be sent directly to you. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Please note that we accept credit cards, Paypal, and may other payment services that charges us processing fees, since we are charged a processing fee for accepting these payment methods and 3% on a wholesale mark up is great amount, there will be a 3% surcharge on these payment methods with it to account for the cost of the credit card, for Paypal there is 2% surcharge and this is our preferred payment method. All wire transfers of less than $2000 will be charged $35 wire transfer fee since that is what we are charged for receiving it. When we accept checks there will be a flat $1 charge to cover the cost of processing the checks.

Sorry, there are no refunds and no returns on wholesale orders except for jewelry damaged or lost during shipment (which will be thoroughly examined for signs of delirate damage). All refunds for damaged or jewelry lost in the mail will be issued after the insurance claim has been settled and we receive the refund from the insurance. You will agree to wait for the refund until the item is recovered and you agree to do everything possible to recover the documentation of the loss from your customer including a letter from them stating that the product either never arrived or arrived damage.

You fully understand and purchase products at wholesale with the full understanding that there will be no refunds; returned items are for replacement if they are damaged or for store credit only; no exceptions unless negotiated up-front in writing. If your client returns the item for any reason, we will keep the item here for resale or send it to you but we will not accept a return under any circumstances. We charge your credit card up-front so we can expedite orders and because most of our items are made to order and we use your payment as a deposit on that order. By placing your purchase you agree to allow us to charge you for the purchase before shipping it and you waive your rights to do a charge-back as long as the item is produced and sent to you or your customer or is kept by us for resale for you. By using our services, you agree to hold us harmless for any problems or damages occuring out of the rare occassion when may be unable to deliver a wholesale approved product on a timely basis. Product not approved for wholesale sales will be sold to any wholesaler but with no guarantee of delivery or timely delivery as these products are not offered to wholesalers due to problems associated with timely delivery. Wholesalers selling non-wholesale approved products do so at their own risk even if they can be delivered over 95% of the time on a timely basis. Typographical errors are always a possibility and we are not responsible for errors of this nature, including errors in prices. If jewelry are marked as FREE, it is likely because they are perfect promotional giveaway pieces not because they are free to the wholesale merchant. If for some reason an item is marked as free on the wholesale site it is a mistake and it is not free to the wholesale merchant. Unless otherwise stated all other terms of service and information on this site apply to the wholesale merchant as well. All foreign orders other than Canadian orders may require payment by wire transfer and in special cases Paypal may be accepted. Unless otherwise arranged overs of over $500 must be paid with Paypal, wire transfer, Money Order, or Cashier's check and will be shipped only when payment is confirmed. Please make absolutely sure that the dropship address is correct. If the delivery address given to us is incorrect and there is a return of the item for having a bad address, we will automatically charge you $4.99 (in the case of a heavy item or ceramic that costs more we will determine the cost at that time) for the reshipping of the package to the customer. Of course if the problems is caused by our mistake, no additional charge will be incurred.

Email Policy

When you sign up on our site, you automatically are signed up for the site announcement and site newsletter publications. You have an option to unsubscribe to these publications but we urge you strongly to maintain them. By signing up you also agree that we will send emails as needed to inform you of orders and other important communications. If you wish to never receive any communications please ask us to cancel your membership but as part of the terms of being a wholesale buyer you acknowledge you will receive emails and that you are automatically signed up to receive site publications. You agree to never report our emails as spam to us or anyone.

Our Discounts

Compared to other dealers our discounts appear to be very little but consider that with our company you get the benefit of very low margins on the wholesale jewelry. The percentages themselves should tell you just how little we mark up our products for wholesale. In the end where others would discount double what we do, they also increase their margins by double, we do not play that game and the discounts you get are lower because our markup are lower! Liquidation items are never discounted no matter how expensive they are, even if the site automatically discounts them, they will be billed at the stated price. If you purchase jewelry from our website or our you do so with the understanding that we will not dropship any of those products for you and we will ship them only to the billing address.

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